Enter the Moose

For the last several years, I have had many friends and associates tell me that I really needed to start a blog. Some for the reason that they did owned and operated a blog themselves and therefore  I should as well. Others suggested it because they enjoyed the interaction of our regular conversations and wished they had a new medium with which to hear what I had to say. Some recommended a blog because there were things in particular pertaining to specific topics where they felt I may have the ability to contribute specific expertise.

My biggest reservation has always been rather selfish or in some way triggered by my shy side. Why would I want to create a blog? What would I contribute that anyone would really care less about? What words of wisdom would I be able to convey to readers. Today I found some clarity on that question.

A colleague of mine proposed an ideal today that sometimes a lack of some idealistic purpose or focused path of expertise is not required for someone to share communication. In fact, the very nature of not having a central theme or ideal may be the most intriguing and truest form of interaction. I really love this concept. As a bit of a closet philosopher, or as my wife so lovingly may like to call living in a state of complete insanity, this challenge greatly appeals to me.  Throughout the course of a day so many random and sometimes perplexing thoughts and ideas run through my mind.  Some of them are deep and challenging ideologies, where others are just randomly passing flashes of intrigue.  Thus, the Moose Doctrine emerges.

Therefore, today I will throw my name into the hat and my hat into the ring. I don’t know where this will lead, but that is the beauty. I shall enjoy the journey.

~ by bfmooz on June 9, 2011.

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