Real Independence

As we do every year, today our nation celebrates its independence.  We celebrate our freedom from rule of another.  In mass we remind ourselves that we are our own and are free to stand on our own.  But for the other three hundred and sixty four days out of the year, do you celebrate your independence?

We live in a society of blame today.  Everything seems to be based on cause and effect.  I did “fill in the blank” because of “fill in the blank”.  Many times the one side of the equation is an action or word that someone else has imposed on us.  We justify the things that we do on that basis.  Here is a new paradigm shift I suggest to this end – just stop it.

Much the same as today we celebrate our freedom, every day we should exercise an appreciation for our personal independence.  Every decision we make is our own.  Everything in life is about choice, and that choice belongs to us.  Some may say “not true” to this, saying “aren’t there things that I am forced to do?”  Is that really so?  Yes, there are things that should be done or that may carry severe consequence for not doing, but any of us have the opportunity to choose our path.

To me, this is the very premise to understanding the most important things in life.  We may have an idea or vision for our lives, but accomplishment occurs when not we create those ideas but when we make decisions and act upon those ideals.  Destiny is not random chance, but rather a delicate balancing act between the forces of control and will and the opportunities of fate and chance.

When we allow the wills of others to be the driving forces in our lives, we are prisoners.  We are going through the motions but never obtaining satisfaction of our goals and dreams but instead simply serving the demands and requests of other people.  Much the same as we celebrate our nation’s independence today, spend every day in celebration that our mind and being are free to own the most prized of possessions: choice.  It is not just a nation, but each of us as members of the human race that are deserving of these rights…”that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”.

~ by bfmooz on July 4, 2011.

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