Could you spare some change?


8-17-2011 8-08-12 AM

Change is a complex action.  It can bring about so many new opportunities and adventures, yet so many are resistant.  What is it that scares people away from the notion of being able to change their directions in life, or in concept, or on a particular idea?  In large part, it is the many facets of change that bring about such change.

Change can be migrating from familiar surroundings.  We develop our safe places.  Our mental havens.  The places where we know what we know.  Change means embarking on something new where questions reside.  It means testing the waters that we haven’t yet discovered and aren’t quite sure how to navigate.  It is good to have our places where we are comfortable, but questioning and testing the limits of our beliefs, ideals, and thoughts is not wrong, but rather a good way to spawn a better way.

Change is the realization of something greater and grander.  It involves embracing a brand new idea and doing something differently for the purpose of being better or more effective.  Change can be integrated with progress to create an atmosphere of continuous improvement and growth.

Change can also mean the acceptance that we aren’t perfect.  Understanding that at times we need to change is not a sign of weakness, but rather a symbol of bravery, logic, and self understanding.  A person who does not realize that at times change is needed is naïve, foolish, and arrogant.  The acceptance of change is not always an acceptance of being wrong but rather a notion that our understanding has been changed by some idea that we had not previously considered or fully investigated.

Albert Einstein is one of my lifelong heroes.  One of his famous quotes was “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”  Everyone reaches a point in time where they have to alter their course.  Greater minds than any of us have done so and understand this notion for years.  Sticking to your convictions works when we have certainty and clarity that we are on the right path, but being human and honest with ourselves enough to understand that things happen that require us to take different steps is a key to being successful.

~ by bfmooz on August 17, 2011.

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