Today I happened upon an encounter with a colleague of mine that got me thinking about the value of appreciation. Appreciation for the enrichment that we bring to the lives of other people. Appreciation for the input they have made to contributing to the value of our lives. Appreciation for the fact that our lives might not be the same if we didn’t have the luxury of knowing some of the people that we do.

We all bring different inputs to all of our relationships, both personal and business. How much time to we take in valuing what those people have done for us and what they have contributed to the fabric of our existence?

This week I have had the pleasure of attending the Dreamforce 2011 conference in San Francisco. During his opening day keynote, Marc Benioff, chairman and CEO of, spoke of the value of listening to the voices of people in a social society. He used analogies of the “Arab Spring” and the power that social media played on the emergence of this social revolution. He also spoke of how this relates to CEO’s and leadership within companies and whether they really spend time focusing on whether they’ve done enough to listen to the people that depend on them, both customers and employees.

That was the first epiphany. The second came this evening during the final keynote. Marc Benioff interviewed Eric Schmidt, executive chairman of Google. He made a comment during the interview that really resonated with me – “I’m old enough now to say this, but life is too short…make sure you work with people you like.”

Both of these segments have a common thread of appreciation. We need to appreciate the people with which we surround ourselves. To many times we get into the mindset of just assuming that the people that are there understand this and even sometimes are completely complacent to their lives at all, but we need to take some time to truly understand that the people around us and who share our experiences in life truly play a huge hand in molding exactly who we are, or what we have, or what direction our life heads.

Another great quote I heard this week is “experience is something we attain after the time that we need it.” Don’t let these experiences be those of regret. Make sure that the life experiences that we share with others are those of lasting memories and an appreciation for the value in life.

~ by bfmooz on September 1, 2011.

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