Dare to Be Important


9-10-2011 7-24-11 AM

We all have different aspirations in life.  Each of us carries our own set of goals and dreams.  With each of these things comes a sense of fulfillment that we will receive from achievement and fruition of these goals.  In recent times I’ve been spending a lot of time pondering my goals and needs and really focusing on where the center of my happiness resides and from where it grows.  I’ve come to realize that it spawns from an idea of importance.

Now I will note that by importance, I do not mean being a person of high stature, title, or standing.  It does not represent a social status or specific positional career goal.  The meaning itself resides in a question:  Do I provide value in the things that I do to myself and those that surround me?  Are the things I focus on meaningful and enriching to people?

Essentially, in reflecting on where I want to be in my life recently, it has come to me that I place an importance on being important.  Each of us are only here in life for a short span of time, some longer or shorter than others.  We leave a lasting mark behind, both positively and negatively, based on the things that we do, say, feel, and take action upon.  What will be the legacy of each of us when we are no longer here?  How will we be remembered or will we even be remembered at all?

When I ponder this idea, I find the source of my happiness.  Doing something meaningful and valuable to either myself or the people that I interact with brings joy, contentment and accomplishment.  It acts as a affirmation of my actions in that I can take provide in doing something, no matter how small, that provided some value to somebody.

So where is the limit to this idea of importance?  In many ways, that is for each of us to decide.  Maybe you aspire to be a true visionary; to provide something so monumental to the world that your name is remembered for centuries to come.  Maybe your dreams are simpler: a family with some children, a good honest wage and a happy home.  Both of these and everything in between are just as equally important to somebody.  We all have to decide the path that leads to our own contentment.

I’d like to implore each and every one of you to really take some time to think about what is important in your lives.  It don’t really believe that it’s something that just comes to you or that you just know.  I believe it is something that develops over time and at points in our lives, events bring us to a clearer understanding of what it means to us.  Spend some quiet times learning to better understand where the center of our happiness calls home and then chart a course to seek out how we can take up permanent residence there.  It is our center for a happy and fulfilling life.

~ by bfmooz on September 10, 2011.

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