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Every once in a while we come to that point where we evaluate our direction and purpose.  We are standing at the crossroads of life wondering what the right way to travel is and pondering our choices.  They are embodied in moments of self reflection and realization that can be pivotal points in who we are and who we wish to become.  There is in fact one reality when we come to these times in life, there is only one real decision to make when we come to the crossroads:  we need to walk.

Sometimes it’s walking forward.  We determine that the path we are travelling is the best choice and the wisest course to achieve our goals in life.  We determine that altering course just doesn’t serve to fill the need that will get us over the hump and onto the next stepping stone in continuous growth and progress.  Be mindful that this choice can also be altered just by the introduction of a new path.  We may wander this same course but our decision to push on instead of introducing change solidifies our choice to stay fast because we genuinely believe in our direction.

Other times we need to alter our course.  We find that there is a new direction that leads to the next step.  It is the course plotted for furthering the development of who we are and builds upon the foundation of the things that matter the most to us.  Sometimes it’s a scary choice, as it involves the introduction of the unknown.  Other times it’s clearly the right choice and there is little thought required for changing our path.  Either way it creates a change that impacts our lives.

Sometimes it might even involve backtracking the course that we had just come from a bit.  This is not typically a positive course but at times it is necessary.  Life is about making mistakes and learning.  At times we just need to realize we’re lost and back up a bit to a point of familiarity to better chart our course.  It’s a moment of clarification before setting off on life’s journey again.

With any of these courses, the constant remains that we have to push on.  The one place where we will never reach any destination is standing at the crossroads wondering which direction to go.  Life is about conviction and developing your own principles, goals, and aspirations.  We decide for ourselves the best path to travel and head off until we reach the next crossroad.  If we are not consistently introducing opportunities to make decisions in our life, quite likely we are just not in motion and while we aren’t necessarily making mistakes we likewise are not reaching for our full potential.  Don’t fear the crossroads of life…but be weary of never encountering or introducing them to your course.

~ by bfmooz on September 30, 2011.

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