A Leopard without Spots is still a Leopard

10-27-2011 11-44-50 AM

What makes us who we are?  It’s not what we wear or how we appear.  It’s what we really believe and the things for which we stand.

I’ve faced some challenges lately with the collisions of people and change.  People that know change needs to happen and know that change will make things better.  They will be the first to admit it.  Yet their actions show that they do not really embrace the need to grow and are resistant to taking the steps needed to move forward.

The truth is we all have to decide who we are and what principles we are going to uphold.  Just simply saying that change needs to happen does not make the change happen.  One has to accept that change needs to occur, plan for how the changes need to be implemented, then execute the plan for change.  It cannot just stop with the acknowledgment.

This is also not a statement of compliance either.  Change is not about simply doing something because someone else wants it to happen.  Change needs to be real and genuine.  If we are honest with ourselves and believe that revising our course is the right course of action and will better the situation, then we are setting out to impact something for which we truly believe.  If not, then commit to the disagreement.  Stand for what you believe and state your case.  There are sometimes that we are asked to do things that we do not want to do, and sometimes we have to do them, where other times we don’t.  In either case, you still have an opportunity to at least state that you disagree and will either go along in spite of objection or simply not do it depending on how passionate and convicted we are in our position.

The bottom line is admission and endorsement of needed changes combined with a refusal to act upon those changes equates to the living of a lie.  It means we have given up to some degree.  We know there is a better place to be yet we will not position ourselves there.  It sets us up to the perception of weakness, untrustworthiness, and cowardice.

If things need to change, seek to change them.  Make a plan and engage it.  And most important, be who you want to be and who you are.  Throwing up a false visage as an agent of change ultimately never fools anyone except ourselves.

~ by bfmooz on October 27, 2011.

2 Responses to “A Leopard without Spots is still a Leopard”

  1. Very well said, it’s good to see more and more people waking up, and realizing that change first has to occur within ourselves before you can project that change on the world. It will be a lot harder withing the developed west, everyone is so securely seated in their house of comfort and distraction to realize what’s happening around them but I have faith that it will happen.

    • Thanks for your comment, peanut8. Ultimately change has to begin with ourselves. The problem is the growth of “all talk, no action”. If we are smart enough to identify that things are not working and something needs to be done differently, then we must also be wise enough and brave enough to act and strive for something better.

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