You’re now free to move about…

11-3-2011 6-19-29 AM

We all go through times where we are feeling overwhelmed or frustrated.  Everything seems to be weighing on us and constricting us.  Sometimes the best way to deal with these feelings is to simply separate ourselves to regain our bearings.

At times, this is a physical action.  We need to just move away from the source of our stress for a bit.  We need to put ourselves in the best position to be able to properly manage and handle all of the things that we wish to accomplish.  It’s a physical act of placing distance between the things that are creating barriers in moving our life forward so that the negative impact can be neutralized or reduced.

Just as important, this is also a psychological action.  We have to put ourselves into a mindset conducive to overcoming the obstacle.  This isn’t always easy.  It requires bravery, courage, and conviction.  It’s an understanding that while I am moving away from something, I am moving toward something else that is going to put me into a better place for success.

Removing the obstacles in our lives and clearing a mental path toward our goals provides clarity.  It helps us to chart our course and understand where the finish line resides.  It is the spirit of Covey’s principle of “Begin With the End in Mind”.  Success starts with a vision…a desire for something better and something new.  It takes dedication, fortitude, and a solid work ethic in all that we do.

Times will get tough from time to time.  Hills will seem difficult if not impossible to climb.  But remember that the journey starts well before you begin to walk.  Putting ourselves into a position to be successful is the launching pad for doing it.

~ by bfmooz on November 3, 2011.

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