Who surrounds you?

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Power comes from within to grow, to achieve, and to prosper.  Our character and motivation pushes us in any direction that we want to go.  So how do we fortify what we want to be and the place where we stake our claim…by surrounding ourselves with good and amazing people.

Unless you are a complete recluse, a large part of our lives are spent interacting with other people.  We forge bonds and partnerships in many aspects of our lives.  Choosing the right people with which to build these relationships is critical.  We determine those key characteristics of people that will enhance us and work in unison toward completing collective goals.  Personally, the traits I seek to find in others are people who are genuine, people who are complimentary, and people who are visionary.

Many traits can define genuine people.  It transcends honesty and truthfulness.  It’s about not surrounding yourself with “yes” people.  There are times that we need to have the friends that we need and not the ones that we want.  There are very few bonds stronger than two people that can openly tell each other when they feel the other is wrong when they really don’t have an obligation to do so.  When two people have an honest concern for the well-being of the other, either personally or professionally, being real with one another forges powerful alliances and friendships.

Complimentary people are those that serve to elevate you and likewise you do the same for them.  What is the value of creating relationships with people that consistently bring out the worst in us?  There is joy in bettering ourselves, but team accomplishment is something special.  Sharing the joy of success with other people brings us an unparalleled sense of fulfillment.  Along with the idea of complimentary people is the self assessment that we have flaws or weaknesses.  There is value in a partnership with person that can do something better than us, or when someone recognizes the value of our talents.  It’s a mutual respect that the collective is more powerful than one person.

Without question, the most challenging type of person to find are the visionaries.  These are people of immense courage and fearlessness.  Being a visionary means setting a long term vision and charting a course despite the fear of struggle or even failure.  Everyone has a goal and a place they would like to be, but it can be challenging to share a vision.  However, when this occurs, it is a powerful venture.  The greatest accomplishments of our time have come from people that have dared to buck the norm and are brave enough to try something different.  The power behind a collection of visionary people working toward a common goal is incredible.

Consider the people that you have collected into your support system.  Think about the value they provide for you.  Often we do not take the time to consider how valuable some people really are and how much of a role they play in our successes.  Other times, we just have too many people that stand in the way of our goals and create barriers in happiness and enrichment.  Choose wisely.

~ by bfmooz on November 9, 2011.

2 Responses to “Who surrounds you?”

  1. So, 1 out of 3 ain’t bad?

    • I suppose it depends on where we want to set the bar. For myself, I need to surround myself with people that aren’t about the bare minimum.

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