Believe in What You Are

11-30-2011 8-33-44 PM

We all go through periods of self doubt in our lives.  We’re not sure anymore of our value to others.  We don’t know if the things we do really matter anymore.  We get absorbed by self loathing.  When times like this happen, I always return to center by focusing and reaffirming the things I know I do best.

In many ways, personal value is gauged by the things we provide for other people.  This isn’t meant to in any way devalue ourselves personally, but instead to reaffirm that we each bring something different to the people around us.  In some way, we always leave a stamp on others and it’s up to us to decide what exactly that will be.

The secret is really identifying and continually growing the aspects of ourselves that make us important.  We might think we know the things that we’re really good at, but how many times do we take the time to inventory, quantify, or ultimately fertilize these traits?

The beauty in humanity is the difference we share.  Sound like an oxymoron, right?  Let’s consider a simple metaphor.  We are part of a village of people.  Each one of us could be exactly alike and all do the same things, but where would the value in life really be?  So we all decide that we are farmers and plant crops and contribute to the nutritional needs of our community.  Who is going to create our clothing?  When we are ill or injured, who will tend to us?  When we need entertainment, where will we go?  We’re all farmers.  It’s the contributions collectively that each of us brings to the community that makes is whole and happy.

That being said, if we are going to contribute something to our little spot in the world, make it great and cultivate it.  It starts with believing in what you do and identifying the passion for something.  It could be anything but really understanding this aspect of ourselves really changes our quality of life.  It’s the thing that makes us smile.  In our work lives, it’s the thing that transforms a job from our role into a career.  It’s that thing that sets us apart, makes us unique as an individual, and makes us effective and dependable.

Believe in who you are and what you do best.  Don’t settle for going through the motions…for all that we do, aspire to do it greater than anyone else can.  Don’t be afraid to set the bar to high for yourself.  Challenge yourself to accomplish more and more and you quickly find you really can and will.  We are important because we choose to be, and people believe in those that first believe in themselves.

~ by bfmooz on November 30, 2011.

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