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12-15-2011 5-28-39 AM

First I want to apologize for the lack of blog entry last week.  This have gotten crazy busy lately, and along those lines tie into what I want to share with you all this week.  You see, this week I made the decision to make a career after eleven years with the same company.  It was a tough decision but an incredibly worthwhile opportunity and gives me a much grander and more exciting view of the future.

Obviously, this didn’t just happen last week.  It was a process that took some time to get through and even initially discover.  There was a valuable lesson I learned out of this adventure that will be something I hold dear to me for the rest of my life.  I learned to power and value of setting a personal vision and never compromising on yourself.

The last several months have been a period in my career “lifespaces” unlike any other.  In a lot of ways I treated this process as a bit of a social experiment.  I had decided to pursue new opportunities and began to reach out to investigate what the market thought of me and let those coming to me help show what my perceived value was to my craft.  I didn’t just want to walk into something knowing what I wanted both from a cultural perspective and a financial aspect, but I wanted those that I was speaking with to help drive that vision of myself so that I had a clearer picture of my stance in the community.

Very quickly, my search became overwhelming.  I was pleasantly surprised at the number of responses I received, yet at times seemed to be swimming in the 24-hour swirling pool of names and numbers.  There was this constant blending of positions for which I applying mixed with a flux of people reaching out to me to request my services.  I quickly had to develop a strategy for how to weed these out.  This was a great exercise because it helped me immensely in coming to my final determination.

The tools I developed where very simple yet prompted a lot of thought and consideration.  It forced me to really strongly consider what was ultimately important to me about what I do in my career and for whom I work.  From this, I collected three key criteria for any company that I would select:

  1. It had to be a company with a clear and strategic vision of who it wanted to be and effectively assimilated that vision to it’s employees at all levels
  2. It had to be a company that was committed to the continued development and growth of its employees on both a professional and personal level
  3. It had to be a company with people that simply were enjoyable and were I felt I could have fun going to work every day

Once this plan was in place, very quickly the cream started rising to the top.  In particular, one company grew to embody and epitomize these very values.  The further along in the process I migrated with them, the more and more I felt that this was the place to be.  Of course, the mind would stray when new opportunities would come into play and more frequently I would find other companies that shared similar visions, but none more predominantly than this one.  It did become stressful as the thoughts wandered in about making sure to make the right decision.  Luckily I am blessed to have a wonderful support system in family and friends who continuously reminded me that I would make the right decision.  Ultimately, the position was offered and without hesitation I accepted it and know that it was the right choice to make.

I’m extremely excited as I move on to my next great adventure.  Not just because it’s something new.  Not just because it’s something different.  This time more than ever, it’s because it’s simply the right place for me to be.  It’s the place that I encapsulated when I first sat at this same desk and developed my criteria and set my boundaries for where I needed to be.  Planning, then visualizing, then pursuing.  With these three steps, there isn’t a lot that we can’t accomplish.  The lesson I learned was develop where you want to be then put yourself there.  In all that we do, it’s the key to a happy better life.

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