The Foundation of Many Bricks

12-25-2011 10-03-58 PM

As I mentioned last week, I have decided to move on in my career and change companies after 11 years.  A lot of thoughts go through our minds when we are anticipating and mentally planning a major transition after such a long time.  It’s been an odd feeling to say the least, if not bittersweet at the end of one personal era and excited to begin the beginning of the next.  One thing I’ve consciously been doing in these last few days before moving onward is taking a personal inventory of what things will I hold onto the most as I move forward, what lessons will I move to the top of the pile to use as a new tool in the belt, and what things will I miss every day.

I’m a firm believer that everything we do in life plays a role in the next act.  We are all on a continuous journey and perpetually learn lessons if we choose to find them.  In moments in our lives, we go through periods of self evaluation where we look backwards and reflect.  What could we have done differently?  What did we really do well?  What were the things that contributed to the successes and failures we’ve encountered?  Sometimes we find commonality in these reflections and other times we find new unique opportunities for insight.

Without a doubt, more so this time than others, I have spent a lot of time focusing on the people that have really provided the foundation for my growth over the past several years.  Many of you are loyal readers of this blog and I’ve reached out to a lot of you over the past couple weeks individually to express my gratitude, but allow me again reiterate in simple yet meaningful words that the people with which I have shared these experiences, many of which for most if not all of these past 11 years have greatly been a contributor in keeping me motivated and driven to succeed.  Professionally, I have had the pleasure of working with some of the most innovative and passionate people.  Their commitment to success has pushed me and powered me in so many ways.  Personally, I have also forged some amazing friendships that have become a part of the fabric of my life.  One of the saddening points of this transition is losing some of that daily interaction with all of these friends, but I know that I will continue to find power in my new home in the lessons they have taught me and the belief they have in what I do.  Each one of them have been bricks that have been my foundation.

I was also thinking through some of the differences within myself I will be taking with me on this new adventure.  One glaring one that I am noticing is the confidence to excel that I am feeling from the onset.  In the past, I had looked at career moves as simply a new job.  A new place to make a living and earn money.  This is truly the first time I believe I am heading into a new life.  I move on with new determination and focus from the beginning of the ride unlike anything that I had experience in the past.  In many ways it makes me reflect and realize how happy I am at the place I have positioned myself in my life.  It really took me a long time and many years to find it, but I know that I’ve reached a place where I’m happy to be who I’ve become and the person into which I continue to evolve.  I happy to say I’m building a good house on my foundation.

This has been a wild and crazy couple of weeks.  A lot of the time it feels like I’m on a perpetual roller coaster with the butterflies doing backflips in my gut.  I am so delighted thinking about starting a year with a new vision of the future and a renewed passion for what I do and what I will be capable of doing.  In closing, let me say that my wish for all of you is to seek and find that same level of excitement in all that you do.  We can get complacent and not really take the time for self evaluation.  Life is all we have.  Put yourself in the place to maximize what you are getting out of it.  Find the value in who you are, what you know, and those that have helped get you there and use it to set the stones that make up the foundation of your life.

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