When Starting Over Isn’t


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First, allow me to apologize for the lapse in time since my last post.  I’ve tried to keep up a regular weekly cadence to my posts but due to the previous mentioned career move and transitional activities I’ve been up to my eyeballs in getting myself organized.

One of the toughest choices in deciding to leave a position after 11 years with the same company is the uncertainty of starting over.  In today’s professional markets, tenure such as this in relatively uncommon, especially in terms of technology related career fields.  Here you’ve spent a long time building a certain rapport with the people within the organization and forging relationships.  You’ve dedicated yourself to trying your best to put everything you have into making what you do valuable to people and your company as a whole.  Then for whatever reason the determination comes that you feel that you’ve exhausted all that you can do somewhere and would be better suited going somewhere else.  How will I do this all over again?  Self doubt creeps in and you start to feel like maybe you’re stepping backward.  There’s the “known known” or the comfort zone of knowing what was expected for years now though maybe not necessarily fulfilling all of the personal aspirations that you would envision for yourself, but the other side of the coin is not knowing really what to expect and the unknown of not knowing what lies on the other side.

I can happily say that I’ve resolved this answer for myself.  Professional enlightenment can be quite amazing at times, and I feel compelled to share with you all that I have honestly never felt so right about a career move.  I had very specific reasons for deciding to make a move to another company, and a set criteria for needs and desires I was seeking in a new organization in order to fulfill these spaces.  When deciding on my new employer, I had felt that they were a good fit for these goals, but I had not imagined that within two days in the building that I would experience such an overwhelming feeling of being in the right place.  Today, I sat and listened to the chairman of my company spend the day with the new employees of the company and share with us his vision, his passions, and the ideals behind the culture that have been carefully cultivated for many years now.  I was literally speechless as times as things I was seeking and felt I was missing with my former employer where expressed as essentially the core values verbatim of my new company.  It was an epiphany of sorts that the place that I had sought really existed and I am now a part of the group that really shares what I believe can make an organization united and focused on a shared goal.

But in terms of the new beginning, it dawned on me that I really am not starting over as much as I had thought.  In many ways I am for the reasons listed above, but what was really apparent throughout this process is this understanding that what my new company finds important about me is me.  It isn’t about going somewhere else and starting the journey over…it’s about taking all of what you’ve attained and all of the essence of what you are and providing that to the service of an organization that values the innovation, the individuality, and the talents of the people they include within the culture.  Too many times companies spend a lot of time and effort in recruiting and bringing in people with exceptional skill and experience only to stifle what they bring to the table with rigid approaches and inflexible corporate bureaucracy.   Moving to a company dedicated to removing these restrictions of its people and allowing them to be a growing organism within that brings their own ideas and perspectives to the table is liberating and fulfilling to say the least.

This is a brave new adventure, but I’m not starting over.  When we know where we need to be and seek it, we find it.  There is something very special about becoming a part of something so special.  I heard a great phrase today concerning our state of mind that I will always remember and will share.  Live your life to be gracious and unsatisfied…gracious for who we are and unsatisfied because of what we can be.

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