Happy and Not Satisfied

1-19-2012 9-34-22 PM

The last couple weeks have been very mentally and emotionally taxing.  Not to say that this is a bad thing, but it is a very different and enlightening thing.  When we make big changes in our lives, we often going through periods of self realization and self reflection.  This is one of those moments in my life, as I’ve been realizing in myself that I am developing a new mantra:  be happy and  not satisfied.

Happy is the pinnacle of what we strive for and what we desire to become.  What is better than pure happiness?  It washes over you like a hot shower on a freezing cold day.  We sleep better, we breath a little easier, we walk a little lighter.  Clarity sets in and things just make a little more sense.

The question becomes where do we go from here?  What is the next step beyond happiness?  Where is the next big adventure to come from?  What triggers the side of us that long for making things better and seeking growth?

The answer comes in finding that perfect balance between happiness and lacking satisfaction.  You may say this sounds like a bit of a gloomy perspective but quite the contrary.  The idea is to appreciate life…realize the joy in accomplishment of your personal goals, in the strength we find in people we care about and trust, and in always enjoying today as if it was our last day.  At the same time, remain unsatisfied by building a firm stance that there is always something better to achieve and strive for in life.  In all that you do, pursue a consistent and continual goal of endless improvement.  We choose to set the bar for ourselves, yet there is absolutely no limit to where we decide to set that bar other than the limitations we put upon ourselves.  The people that have accomplished the most in life are the relentless, determined, and fearless kind who chose to live their lives on the power of passion and persistence.

You can accomplish absolutely anything you are resolved to do.

I will repeat that…you can accomplish absolutely anything that you are resolved to do.

I say this line to myself every morning.  I have decided in my head and in my heart that this is truth and it is very real.  I will also say that this transcends the whole notion of the power of positive thinking.  Positive thinking has never accomplished anything, but rather is has laid the roadmap to plot the course for the power of resolved and determined actions.

Enjoy every minute of every day…you deserve it.  Today is precious, but tomorrow is right around the corner waiting for you to be just a little bit better.

~ by bfmooz on January 19, 2012.

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