An Open Letter to Myself

1-8-2013 9-03-39 AM

Dear Moose,

The experience of life is a fascinating thing.   It’s full of immensely differing turns and changes every day.  Some things we can plan for and other things we can’t.  We can plot a course and think we have all the answers and know all the directions, but sometimes we just have to walk to find where we are headed and which is the right place to be.

Everything in life is a choice.  It’s either a choice we choose to make or a choice on how we will react to decisions made by others.  Either way, we own the control of dictating where we want our lives to be.  We own the choice to let the decisions we make own us or to own the decisions we make.  We own the right to lead ourselves to our own happiness and to find the things in life that our important to us.

Not everybody will ever understand the decisions I make.  Sometimes I will not understand the choices that others make.  Life isn’t about making the choices that make everybody understand or make people happy with us.  Life is about making the decisions, no matter how hard they may be, which leads us to being as happy and fulfilled in life as we can be.  Life is about knowing in your heart the things that really matter and putting our hearts in motion to get to that point in our lives.

Sometimes it hurts.  Sometimes it’s painful.  Sometimes it’s agonizing.  But worse than feeling the pain and anguish of heartache or sadness is the pain and anguish of a life unfulfilled…a life left without really getting to the point where you are truly happy.  Without getting to the point where you know implicitly where you are supposed to be.  Life can be difficult, but a life without complete happiness is not a life.

We can’t prepare ourselves for everything.  We can’t prepare ourselves for every curveball or every swerve.  That is just not how life works.  We can only prepare ourselves for how we are going to handle these times and commit ourselves to work toward the ways that we are going to be happy in life.  We aren’t here for long, but in that time make the most out of every second to be fulfilled and complete.

Life isn’t easy.  Choices aren’t easy.  Being happy is a commitment to yourself.  Being happy is the foundation of life.  Wake up every day knowing where you want to be and make every effort to be as happy in life as you can be.  Look at that guy in the mirror and make him find his smile.



~ by bfmooz on January 8, 2013.

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